Antioch has had a long standing relationship with mission work in the country of India. Antioch has been a sponsor of missionary, Dean Crutchfield. Brother Crutchfield has been preaching the gospel for over 50 years. He has been doing mission work in India on a full time basis since 1982. Brother Crutchfield spends 6 months out of the year in India and spends 6 months in the USA reporting on the work that he is doing in India. Brother Crutchfield has instituted the South India Bible College which trains preachers and also assists widows and orphans.



 Antioch supports Peter Tickner who does mission work in Australia. Currently Brother Tickner is the minister at Macquaria church of Christ in North Ryde NSWA, Australia and is an instructor at the Macquaria School of Biblical Studies. For more information on this work go to www.macquaricchurchofchrist.org



 In January 2002, Antioch began work in the country of Mexico. This mission work involves joint efforts from numerous Churches of Christ in Western Kentucky. The Mexico mission is construction mission work. Rick and Sherry Owens of Las Cruces, New Mexico have been responsible for building over 100 church buildings all over Mexico. Several members of Antioch’s congregation have gone on these mission trips to help construct buildings for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Mexico. In addition, Antioch has financially supported this work even on years when members of Antioch could not attend. [Click here to see mission pictures.]



Beginning in 2008 Antioch began supporting the work of David and Lorie French in Zambia Africa. The French’s operate the Mapepe Bible College. The French’s mission is to train the Zambians in greater knowledge of God’s word and to train them to be missionaries in their own country. This ministry has grown tremendously in a short period of time and seeks to carry out Gods mission by not only teaching the word of God, but also expressing the love of God by assisting those in need.




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