What to Expect in the Worship Assembly:

Worship services begin in the auditorium at 9:45 am after morning Bible study classes dismiss.

Welcome and Announcements

At approximately 9:45 am the morning welcome and announcements begin. Immediately following our worship services begin.

Praise and Worship

Worship begins with a selected reading from the Bible followed by prayer. Our praise service begins with congregational a cappella singing. Everyone is invited to join in the singing.


The lesson from the Bible helps us to understand God’s Word and apply His teachings to our everyday life.


We celebrate communion every Sunday. Communion is a time when we remember Christ’s sacrificial death for our sins. First the bread will be passed. You may take a portion and as you eat remember Christ’s suffering on the cross. Next the tray with small cups of grape juice will be passed. You may take a cup and drink the juice, remembering the shed blood of Christ. Replace the cup in the tray.


As our guest, you should not feel obligated to give an offering. This part of the service is for those who have committed to give back to God through offering in order to participate in God’s work.




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